"…Give me the perseverance of the sea’ s waves, which make each retreat a starting point for a new breakthrough"

Gabriela Mistral

The Israeli Institute of Schema Therapy was founded in 2013 by Dr. Eshkol Rafaeli and Dr. Offer Maurer to serve as a home for both treatment and training in schema therapy. Our mission is to increase the availability of well-trained schema therapists, thus making this innovative and integrative treatment more accessible for people in need in Israel and abroad. Affiliated therapists are located throughout Israel (and when appropriate, also provide online therapy to Hebrew speaking clients abroad). Many of our affiliates are also active in training and supervision.


מקימי המכון וחלק מחברי הצוות מציעים הכשרה והדרכה בסכמה תרפיה, בטיפול במבוגרים, מתבגרים וילדים, בטיפול זוגי, ובטיפול קבוצתי בגישה.

טיפול פסיכולוגי

המכון מציע טיפול פסיכולוגי בגישה חדשנית ומבוססת-מחקר, הבנויה משילוב של הכלים שנמצאו כיעילים ביותר בשינוי דפוסי-חיים וסכמות הגורמים למצוקה ולסבל. הצוות הטיפולי של המכון מורכב מאנשי מקצוע מעולים, בעלי ידע מעמיק וניסיון רב בטיפול בגישת הסכמה תרפיה. הטיפול נעשה בקליניקות הפרטיות של חברי צוות המכון.


The founders of the institute and some of its team members offer training and supervision in schema therapy for adults, adolescents and children, for couples, and for groups.


Our institute offers psychotherapy using an innovative research-based approach, which combines the tools found to be most effective in changing enduring life patterns and schemas that cause distress and suffering. The institute’s clinical team comprises mental health professionals with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the schema therapy approach. Therapy is conducted in the team members’ private clinics (located throughout the country) or online.

The institute offers psychotherapy using the schema therapy approach, and serves as a home for studying and further developing the approach. Additionally, the institute offers training towards certification in the schema therapy approach to licensed therapists through several dedicated tracks recognized by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST).